Our principle aim is to introduce students to the life-long enjoyment and fulfillment that music can bring. We emphasise the importance of live performance and encourage new musicians to participate in social musical gatherings. Our classes cater for all ages and abilities, and as individual students progress the courses develop to cater for this change. Aware that strict module-like structures, often set up initially to facilitate people, can ultimately stifle creativity we welcome students' input to help provide an enjoyable learning environment in which all musicians - teachers and students - are rewarded.


Des was born in Tallaght and over the course of his long life made a major contribution to the traditional music scene in the area and outlying districts. He spent most of his life teaching fiddle, tin-whistle, banjo and mandolin. His dedication and efficacy as a teacher is still to be witnessed in the number of people playing and teaching music in the area to this day. A striking feature of Des' music was the breadth and variety of his repertoire - marches, set dances, waltzes, many little known Scottish tunes which otherwise may have been neglected - as well as the standard canon of jigs, reels, polkas and slides. The Des Carty Music School honour his memory.